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Quick Service Restaurants

Personalized, one-to-one conversations with diners and patrons – at scale.

  • Reach customers wherever they’re at by triggering one-to-one personalized in-app chat messages from existing marketing channels, such as email, push notifications and the mobile wallet
  • Set and schedule pick-ups ahead of time
  • Send offers that open in-app one-to-one chat for real-time conversion opportunities
  • Raise customer satisfaction by enabling buyers to directly connect with your support team to get the right answers in the moment
  • Drive foot traffic





Quick-service restaurants

are conversing with customers wherever they are

with ReplyBuy

Two-Way Conversational Flows for Hungry Customers

  • Proactively reach out to regular customers to provide them loyalty deals and rewards
  • Allow customers to easily pay for orders via text
  • Set orders and schedule pick-ups or deliveries ahead of time
  • Boost online orders and engagement through omnichannel opt-ins
  • Allow your customer to request for their orders to be updated after they’ve been placed
  • Geo-target customers to drive foot traffic
  • Promote menu specials with embedded GIFs, videos, and other vivid media messages
  • Build audience segments based on custom attributes: typical order times, menu preferences, and more!

Keep Your Customers Well-Fed and Well-Informed

Support busy customers and increase sales opportunities by suggesting and seamlessly fulfilling orders based on past preference and order time.

Build customer loyalty by providing faster, accurate responses to customer orders, feedback, and other requests.

Grow your customer base by connecting with mobile-heavy demographics who expect a seamless digital experience.

Enable customers to pay for their order via text or in-app message.

Personalize your offers and menu promotions based on each customer’s unique interests.

Streamline communications, build stronger relationships, and keep your customers well-fed and well-informed.

Reach Customers Where They Are

Your customers live on their mobile phones. Increase engagement rates by meeting them where they are and providing the personalized experiences that they want.

Facilitate Easy Payments

Allow customers to complete payments with a simple "BUY" reply. Simple functionality means they don’t even have to exit their messaging app.

Improve Your Strategy

Diners and patrons are up to 10x more responsive to text messages than they are to emails and phone calls. Deliver them what they want, when they want it.

Ready to turn conversations into action?

Discover how ReplyBuy can help today.

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