ReplyBuy partners with your favorite teams to make purchasing the best seats as easy as replying to a text message.
ReplyBuy Process:
  1. You receive a text message from 20123 with an exclusive ticket offer from your favorite team
  2. Simply respond with “BUY TEAM + Quantity” to complete your transaction
  3. Your tickets are delivered within seconds right in the same text message conversation
  4. Bring your phone to the game and scan your tickets on your mobile device

ReplyBuy Process from ReplyBuy on Vimeo.


There are never any taxes or fees when buying through ReplyBuy.  The price you see in the text message is the price you pay!
Of course!  There are a few ways to transfer tickets:
  • Forward the PDF you received via email (recommended) (option not available for teams that only accept mobile tickets)
  • Copy & Paste your mobile ticket link (requires number and account password)
  • Screen-shot your mobile tickets and share the image
Our Fan Services team is standing by to answer any questions you might have.
  • Call us: (480) 725-9355 (office hours: Mon. to Fri. 8am – 6pm & Sat. 8am – 12pm MST) –  closed on most major holidays
  • Email: support@replybuy.com (recommended)
  • Text us: Simply text back to the offer message you received
Some teams will offer a first-time purchase discount for new ReplyBuy users.  Your credit will be automatically loaded on your ReplyBuy account once you set your payment information.
  • Credits are automatically applied to your first ticket purchase.
  • You can earn even more credits by sharing your unique link with friends and family.  Login to your account to learn more.
No. ReplyBuy offers teams with the ability to sell a limited amount of tickets at a good price in very last minute situations. Since thousands of fans are replying to these offers at the same time, adding a preview method would simply slow down the process. Here are some things to know:
  • Every offer includes a general area of where seats would be located ie: Upper Level Corners, Lower Level Ends etc.
  • We include a Seating Info link in every offer message to give you more specifics such as; Section numbers, Seating Map and other offer details.
  • If multiple sections/rows are listed under the Seating Info link, our system will always deliver tickets on a best available basis (determined by ticket amount & time of purchase). The faster you reply the better your seats!
  • Seats will always be sold grouped together – they are never scattered.
All sales are final. Except for canceled events, you will not receive a refund for completed purchases.
If you are unable to attend an event, your tickets can be transferred to another fan (see “Can I transfer tickets?”)
ReplyBuy partners directly with teams to provide fans with a last-minute solution for buying tickets.  Subscribers can expect to receive an offer 2-3 days before a game. Here are some other things to know:
  • Tickets for each game are limited, depending on the game/event we can sell out of the allotment within minutes.
  • Seats will be pulled from specific areas of the venue.
  • There is no guarantee ReplyBuy will have an offer for every game/event.
If your purchase was processed correctly you would’ve receive a confirmation text message with a special link to access your tickets. Here are some other suggestions that may help you:
  • If you did not receive a response from our system it is quite possible that we have sold out of tickets.
  • If the team is using FlashSeats as a ticketing provider, ensure that you have downloaded the app and you log in with the provided credentials. New Users will have been sent a text with a temporary log in.
  • Make sure you have internet connection to access the tickets. It is recommended that you access your tickets prior to entering the venue, as internet coverage can be extremely slow.


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