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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout APK Download + MOD Download

Fall guys Ultimate knockout is an engaging game that became popular suddenly in the United States after multiple streamers on the game started live-streaming the gameplay, the exciting gameplay gained a lot of love from the players within a short span of time. If you are unaware of Fall guys mobile, it’s an online multiplayer game where 60 players join the game and all have to run through the obstacles and reach the finish lines as soon as possible to stay qualified for the next level, and the player who survives till the last round is announced as the winner. We have provided the links below to download the Fall guys APK latest version and also the Fall guys Mod APK for Android phones.


Click on the download link below to start downloading your preferred Fall Guys APK, for those who are not aware of the procedure to install the .APK file can read the installation instructions given below download link.

Fall Guys MOD APK Features:

  • Unlimited Money.
  • All Skins Unlocked.
  • All Maps unlocked.
  • No Multiplayer Limits.
  • No-Ads.

How to Install Fall Guys APK on Android

Installing Fall Guys APK on your Android phone is no different from installing any other application, if you are new to Android phones, just follow the steps given below exactly to install Fall guys on your phone without any errors.

Step 1: Go to your Android security settings and enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

Step 2: Download the required fall guys APK to your Phone from the links given above.

Step 3: Open the downloaded APK file and click on “Install” button to start the installation process.

Step 4: Wait till the installation is completed successfully and click on “Open” to start playing Fall guys.

You will also find the Fall guys icon on your home screen and app gallery, you can open the app from there in future.

Fall Guys App Description

Fall guys is a 60 player online video game launched by Mediatonic in August 2020 and it instantly received love from gamers and streamers all around the world. It has a simple game to understand the game plot but really tough to survive till the last round and win the game. In Fall guys Ultimate knockout is available for almost all the platforms like PC, iOS, Android, PS4 and Steam. A quick tip, if you like playing games with your friends, also give Among us APK a try, its really innovative.

Each round in the game has a limited number of players that can qualify for the next round, and so all the players need to run through the obstacles quickly just like in the Takeshi’s castle TV show, and reach the finish line, to win the game you need to become the last player to survive and need to fight till all other players are disqualified. Following are some of the interesting features of Fall Guys you should know about.

  • Graphics: The graphics of the game is really smooth and simple, the simple graphics help the game perform well on devices with slow processors as well.
  • Multiplayer: You can invite all your friends to the game without worrying about the limit because as many as 60 players can play Fall guys at a time.
  • Obstacles: The obstacles on the way are designed innovatively which makes the game more interesting and they really make the game harder for anyone.
  • Multi-Platform: You can enjoy fall guys on any operating system, whether you own a PC or a Playstation, you can enjoy Fall Guys on your device.

Fall Guys Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Fall guys Support cross-platform Multiplayer?
Ans. No, presently Fall guys don’t support cross-platform multiplayer. But the developers have promised to add the feature in upcoming updates. Keep visiting here regularly to be the first to get the updated version.

Q. How much does Fall guys Cost?
Ans. The price for Fall Guys is $19.99 / £15.99. Again, it’s worth noting that the game is currently part of PS Plus, so if you’re on PS4, you can get the game for free as part of your subscription.

Q. Does fall guys have Split-Screen Multiplayer?
Ans. No, Fall Guys does not support local or split-screen multiplayer. Currently, it’s an online-only game; you cannot play in couch co-op.

Q. How many rounds or minigames are there in Fall Guys?
Ans. There are currently 25 different rounds that will be selected at random as you play in Fall Guys.


We hope that you will enjoy playing Fall guys on your Android device, Don’t hesitate to share the Fall guys APK with your friends and challenge them to beat you in a game. If you love such interesting games, keep visiting our website to discover the interesting and trending games as soon as they are launched.

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