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Cinema HD v2 APK Download For Android - Free Streaming [2021]

You love watching movies, but find yourself a little scared of the budget to go on opting for other costlier video streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime and so on, then the Cinema HD app is the perfect application for you. With Cinema HD v2 watching and enjoying your favourite TV shows and movies are easy, free and awesomely fun. And all of this without having to pay a single dime for any of the services provided by this lovely android app. Read this article completely and you will find everything you need to know about this amazing app and the latest download link to Cinema HD v2.4 APK for free.

How to download Cinema HD v2 APK on Android phone

Firstly, before we speak more about the Cinema HD app. Let us first have a look at how to go on downloading the free video streaming app on your Android with the help of the step by step guide as shown below:

  • Firstly, go and head to your Android phone’s Settings option.
  • Once, under the Settings option, scroll down and search for the Apps and Notification settings option. Then click and tap on it and head to the Apps and Notification option menu.
  • Under Apps and Notification menu, head down again and click on the App Permissions option from the list.
  • Again, under App Permissions list, scroll down and click on the Install unknown apps option.
    Then from the Install unknown apps list, find and click on the Chrome browser app and then turn on the Allow from this source option.
  • After turning it on, next go back to your mobile home screen and open up your Chrome browser.
  • Now, click on the following Download link and let the downloading process start.

  • Once the download process is completed and the Cinema HD v2 APK file has been successfully downloaded, open the location of the downloaded file and run the installation by clicking on the particular file.
  • Next, you will be asked to click on the INSTALL option to start the installation process. Simply, click on it and let the installation process automatically commence.
  • At last, once the installation process is finished. Go to the Cinema HD V2 app and click on it to open and run the app.

Cinema HD v2 User Guide

Given that the app has quite a good User friendly and simple to use interface, it surely would not take much of an effort to go on about the app searching and streaming your favorite TV shows and movies here.

So once you are inside the app, quite obviously the app’s homepage will welcome you with some of the most trending and popular TV shows as well as movies out there. However, if you have something specific in your mind to watch and view, then you can straight away head to the Movies section under the Menu option.

To make life even more easier, the app comes with a wonderful search button which you can use to search almost every kind of TV shows or movies which may be available at the Cinema HD V2 app.

Moreover, if for some reason you are not very happy with the apps default Cinema Player, then you can also additionally install and sync the all popular MX player app with it and use MX Player as your default player to watch and enjoy Cinema HD movies and shows. 

Features of Cinema HD v2 APK

When it comes to Cinema HD APK V2, there are quite a number of cool and amazing features which you will surely find handy. Additionally it comes equipped with integration like Real Debrid, Trak TV and so on.

Adding shows to your list
Setting up your own watch list can come really handy at times when you have lots of free time and want to make full use of it by watching your favorite tv shows and movies. Cinema HD integrated with Trakt TV lets you create a list of your favourite content as well as what you have recently watched.

Moreover, whenever there is a new episode which you might have been following, you automatically get notified at its arrival.

Add Subtitles
The subtitle feature lets you add subtitles quite easily to your favorite shows and movies simply by opting for subtitles during the initialization process. Enabling your shows to play with subtitles lets you automatically pick up a sub file and play it along with the shows or movies being played.

Optimized Low Profile Mode for Low End Devices
The one feature I absolutely love about this app is its ability to optimize itself accordingly with the speed of your internet connectivity. Depending upon how fast your internet connection is, your Cinema HD V2 app will make the arrangements to turn the Low Profile Mode ‘on’ so that you have a smooth video streaming experience.

Auto Backup and Restore feature
Another wonderful feature about this app is its ability to backup all your favorite tv shows and movies as well as your watch history, settings and preferences. The backup file which gets stored automatically in your device’s backup folder can easily be exported and restored later on whenever the need arises.

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