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Who is ReplyBuy?

ReplyBuy, an Airship company, makes it easy for consumers to instantly message and purchase from brands over SMS. Companies of all sizes leverage ReplyBuy’s solutions to unlock the potential of personalized text messaging for 1:1 conversations and friction-free transactions at scale.

Why text messaging?

Text messaging allows business to reach more people, create more impressions, and drive more engagement faster while simultaneously increasing productivity and saving more time.

Here are a few reasons to use text messaging for your business:

  • Unlock communication with 4+ billion people worldwide.
  • 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.
  • 78% of consumers wish they could text businesses.
  • The average person checks their phone 150 times per day and responds in an average of 90s.
  • Texting is 30x faster than phone dialing.
  • Response rates are 3x higher than cold calls and reach engagement rates over 40%.

Why do brands love ReplyBuy?

ReplyBuy provides a turnkey solution for any business by enabling them to engage with their audiences in real-time via text messaging. Businesses that use our solution are able to:

  • Reach more people faster - Upload your current contact database, text-enable landlines and easily tag contacts.
  • Save time and resources - Leverage message templates, segmentation and filtering, and powerful integrations.
  • Predictable scale your efforts - Manage and assign inbound and outbound live conversations from a simple dashboard, and easily produce reports.

Fan & Ticket Support

Have questions about a ticket program or purchase? Please visit ReplyBuy Ticket Support

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